Dynamics GP: A Close Look at the Intercompany Module

Even mid-sized companies and organizations are often comprised of several legal entities. It’s important to have a reliable way how to transfer assets between these entities, which is why Microsoft Dynamics GP provides extensive support for intercompany processing. The Intercompany module allows you to set up different legal entities as separate companies that can make […]

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Dynamics GP: A Close Look at the General Ledger Module

It’s easy for small and mid-sized businesses to feel at a disadvantage when competing against large multi-national companies with the resources to develop robust financial management software solutions custom-tailored to fit their needs. With Dynamics GP and its powerful set of Financial Management modules, small and mid-sized businesses can finally maintain control over their finances […]

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Dynamics GP: A Close Look at the Cashbook Bank Management Module

Banking can be dull work, and Microsoft knows this, which is why Dynamics GP contains several banking and checkbook management modules designed to help you organize all transactions and streamline your processing. They include Cashbook Bank Management, Electronic Bank Management, Electronic Banking Suite, Bank Reconciliation, and Electronic Reconciliation Management. This time, we are taking a […]

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