Dynamics GP Online for Businesses

Turn your business into a modern, highly efficient competitor with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Formerly known as Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics GP is a complete, fully integrated ERP/accounting system designed to help small to medium-sized businesses better manage all aspects of their day-to-day operations.


By streamlining workflows and critical business processes while simultaneously producing actionable business intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics GP will give you greater control over your business, helping you to make more informed decisions and focus on the bigger picture so that you can reach your goals faster.

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What you can achieve with Dynamics GP business intelligence tools:

Identify stock levels to avoid over or under supply

Pinpoint your most profitable customers and most efficient vendors

Analyze orders and discover how quickly stock is moving as well as whether or not your prices are competitive

Access key business metrics with the Executive Center Dashboard

Implement real-time alerts and notifications

Create and manage budgets easily and efficiently

Instantly find detailed information about general ledger accounts, customers, vendors, inventory items and employee records with the SmartList tool

Create and customize reports from multiple data sources using the Excel Report Builder and SQL Server Report Builder

Analyze information in different formats and from different angles using Analysis Cubes for Dynamics GP and Analysis Cubes Library

Get Ahead And Watch Your Business Grow

With countless features, Microsoft Dynamics GP effectively powers small and medium-sized businesses, enabling both employees and companies to fulfil their potential faster.

Flexible solutions designed to suit you. Microsoft Dynamics GP is highly scalable andable to adapt to your changing needs.


Easy to learn, easy to use. It won’t be long before you and your employees have mastered Microsoft Dynamics GP and start seeing the benefits. With straightforward functionality and an easy-to-use interface, Microsoft Dynamics GP makes things easier, not harder.


Increase collaboration, communication and productivity. Equipped with the tools they need to get things done, your employees will be working harder and smarter and making the most of every day.


Gain greater control over your financials. With real-timeBusiness Intelligence, you’ll be better placed to manage your financials as well as your projects, inventory and general operations.


Gain greater insight. Greater insight into your business’s operations, customers, and vendors means you’ll be in a better position to make fully-informed decisionswhich will impact the future of your company.


Work anywhere and everywhere. Microsoft Dynamics GP is accessible from all your computers, devices, and phones meaning you truly can conduct business wherever you are. With everything safely stored in the Cloud, you don’t need to worry about IT problems associated with on-premise solutions.


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