Microsoft Dynamics CRM Videos

Access to the xRM training video library is available to our hosted CRM customers.  Contact us now to make the switch to hosted Dynamics CRM and/or integrated hosted Dynamics GP.

Cloud-hosted Dynamics CRM

+ integrated with cloud-hosted Dynamics GP

Founded in 1997, xRM was first to host Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  As our CRM hosting partner, xRM also believes in deploying the right customer relationship management system for your organization. Education is the most important element of the implementation process and ongoing support.  The extensive xRM video library provides near-comprehensive on-demand assistance with understanding Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Doing business with MSPartnership and xRM is as simple as it gets.  Together, we can support large, complicated projects for large, complicated companies, or very small Dynamics projects for very small companies – and everything in between.  No matter what type of project your organization will undertake, if it involves Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or CRM integrated with Dynamics GP, our teams can get it done right.

[Note:  MSPartnership also supports integration (only) with non-Microsoft CRM products such as SalesForce, Sugar CRM, and others.]