Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your pricing significantly less than other Microsoft Partners?

We “work smart”.  We are fully invested in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  As a result, our overhead costs are lower than competitors offering the same products and services while our margins remain about the same.  The cost savings we realize are reflected in our pricing competitiveness.


We make it possible for our customers to be as cost-competitive in their respective industries as we are in ours by reducing costs through improving systems.

What are the labor costs to migrate/upgrade to the Cloud if we are already using Dynamics GP on-premise?

If you have a qualifying very small implementation with no customizations, integrations, or 3rd party products, labor costs could be $0. Yes, $0! A deposit + first month service is all it would take to get you migrated and upgraded to Dynamics GP online regardless of which version of Dynamics GP you are currently using; and regardless of whether or not your license renewal is current. We want your organization to move to the Cloud as much as you do; and we will throw in our labor for FREE to make it happen.


If you have a robust implementation with customizations, integrations, or 3rd party products, labor costs are capped at 100 hours for the migration and upgrade of Dynamics GP modules.


Yes, the 100 hours price cap for moving to hosted Dynamics GP includes a test migration + upgrade AND the live migration + upgrade. Upgrading customizations, integrations, modified reports, or 3rd party products may be additional.
We make it easy for you to choose us as your hosting partner. There are over 47,000 Dynamics GP implementations. We want to host them ALL.

What are my future upgrade costs?

Microsoft’s upgrade release cadence is a very robust “every 6 months”. All the most wanted and most critical features have already been put into the current core product. Future upgrades will focus on those updates most requested by the Dynamics GP user community. Not every organization will need or want to put their users, customizations, integrations, or 3rd party products through an upgrade every 6 months. Remaining on a version for several years is very common; and that behavior is not expected to change. “If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it” is the conservative and cautious commonly held IT mantra. That said:


  • If you bring your owned licenses and your implementation is hosted on our shared application server, your future upgrade labor costs are $0, but your annual renewal for your licenses must remain current. The shared application server is updated twice annually.
  • If we provide your licenses and your implementation is hosted on our shared application server, your future licenses and upgrade labor costs are $0. The shared application server is updated twice annually.
  • If you bring your owned licenses and your implementation is hosted on a dedicated application server, 1 future upgrade after the first year of service is free. Additional upgrade labor costs for Dynamics GP modules are capped AND qualify for a significant discount, but your annual renewal for your licenses must remain current.
  • If we provide your licenses and your implementation is hosted on a dedicated application server, your future license upgrades are included. Labor for 1 future upgrade after the first year of service is free. Additional upgrade labor costs for Dynamics GP modules are capped AND qualify for a significant discount.

More expensive = more quality, less expensive = less quality, right?

No.  Our product is the same as any other Microsoft Partner.  The implementation and administration of our platform is superior.  Our customer service is superior.


Our availability (24x7x365) is superior.  Our staff’s experience and qualifications are superior.


We implement, host, and support only Dynamics GP online and related Microsoft and 3rd party products.  That is all we do; and we do it well.

We recently paid our annual software renewal fee for our on-premise Dynamics GP. If we were to switch now, we would lose that investment, right?

No.  You may opt for a credit equal to the remaining prorated balance of your annual renewal fee.  That way, you do not “lose” what you recently paid for your renewal.

Can we migrate our integrations and 3rd party products to an online environment; and will the licenses transfer over to a Dynamics GP online environment? What about our customizations?

Unless stated otherwise by the 3rd party vendor, your 3rd party module licenses and/or integrations should transfer over to a hosted GP online environment.  We have viable options available for 3rd party modules and/or integrations which do not yet conform to the latest Dynamics GP compatibility requirements.


Generally speaking, most customizations can be accommodated; however, interface customizations must be assessed by our development team on a case by case basis.

Can we upgrade our outdated Dynamics GP implementation and migrate to the latest version of Dynamics GP online?

Yes!  We have the tools and expertise to upgrade and migrate even very old versions of Dynamics GP going all the way back to version 5.x (circa 1998).


Upgrades from even very old versions are eligible for our current promotion, and we have an extra special on-going promotion for very small implementations with no customizations, integrations, or 3rd party software:  FREE migration+upgrade labor!

Can we keep our current Microsoft Partner?

Yes. We would love for you to immediately switch to us as your Microsoft Partner of Record, but we understand you may want to keep your current relationship going with your current Microsoft Partner until we prove we deserve all of your business.

How can we switch to Dynamics GP online if we are currently hosted/serviced by another Microsoft Partner, but are dissatisfied?

We realize there are many organizations who love Microsoft Dynamics GP, but may not be satisfied with their current Microsoft Partner for various reasons (poor support effort, high hourly rates and software pricing, etc.).


You can switch to us or keep your current Microsoft Partner.  Contact us today!

Can we get ‘DYNSA’ and/or ‘sa’ access?

Yes.  The Dynamics System Administrator (‘DYNSA’) and SQL Administrator (‘sa’) accounts are reserved for Dynamics GP and SQL administration activities.


We can accommodate turning over the entire GP administration burden to your control, however, guarantees, promotional rates, and other benefits may not apply.


Contact us today to discuss this scenario.

Can we get Windows Administrator level control of our dedicated server?

No.  For security and stability reasons, only our staff is permitted Windows Administrator level control of servers.

Do you provide Dynamics GP and related software training services?

Yes!  We have Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) and highly qualified Dynamics GP consultants available to train your staff.

Can you also serve as our Dynamics GP Administrator? Can you provide us with advanced tailored BI reports?

Yes!  Managing security, users, routine maintenance, BI report design and delivery, and performing other administrative activities are services we provide to our Dynamics GP online customers to save them time and expense.  We are experts in our core competencies so you can focus on being the expert in your core competencies.

How quickly can you implement or migrate us to Dynamics GP online?

The answer depends upon the complexity of the task.


Starting from nothing, the simplest implementation (default/standard Best Practice setups and import a default chart of accounts, no history or other records) can be performed in a day or so.  Typical implementations where we are switching you from another system may take more time if we have to wait on customer-provided information or feedback.


Ordinarily, we perform a test migration to ensure everything is fine (data, reports, user access, etc.) and train your users.  Once everything is confirmed to be ok and your users are comfortable with Dynamics GP online, we can usually perform the “live” migration over a standard or extended weekend.  Users usually can begin using Dynamics GP online on Monday with at least one of our support staff designated as “on call” to address your issues immediately during those critical first few days.

Which other Microsoft products do you offer?

We have been specializing in Microsoft Dynamics GP and related products since 1998.  However, we also offer Office 365 and integrated Microsoft CRM subscriptions for a complete solution suite.  “Related products” are SQL Server, Management Reporter, popular 3rd party products, and all Microsoft Business Intelligence and integration products and technologies.

Can my organization purchase Dynamics GP outright and then you host, support, and administer it for us?

Yes.  Please contact us for details and pricing.

Can you remotely support and administer our on-premise installation?

Yes.  Please contact us for details and pricing.

Will we have a dedicated or shared server?

Customers requiring 3rd party products, integrations, or customizations will have a dedicated application server meticulously maintained as a pristine environment separate from other customers’ application servers.  Customers without any of those things may be placed on a shared application server (or a dedicated application server).

Additionally, customers placed on a dedicated server may maximize their investment in our platform and value in our services by opting to have almost any Microsoft application installed, published, and also made available to users as a remote application.  For examples: Report Designer, Integration Manager, etc.

What are your datacenter security and regulatory compliance certifications?

Microsoft Azure datacenters maintain global datacenter security and regulatory certifications.  Click this link for certification details.  All our hosting infrastructure is managed and maintained within Microsoft Azure datacenters with no links to our internal systems.  This segregation of systems ensures maximum security for customers’ hosted servers and data.

Click to take a virtual tour for yourself.

What is a “web client” deployment, and why is Dynamics GP online better than on-premise?

Traditionally, software is installed locally on a physical device.  That limits the use of the software to that device.  A web client deployment such as Dynamics GP online means the software exists “in the Cloud” and is rendered and presented via any popular web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).  It looks, feels, and behaves almost the same as on-premise, locally installed software.
Cost: Staff/Infrastructure


Your organization only needs Internet access and a web browser.


All infrastructure (servers, switches, firewalls, etc.), overhead (energy, hardware warranties, various licenses, etc.), and necessary support personnel (Database Administrator. Dynamics GP Administrator, Help Desk staff, etc.) and associated ongoing costs to maintain, replace, hire, train, staff turnover, etc. disappear into the Cloud.
Choosing Dynamics GP online keeps your staff and infrastructure costs low.  Our staff is your staff.  Use us when you need us.  We provide everything (support, report writing, Business Intelligence, etc.) – saving you tens or hundreds of thousands annually.


Cost: Scalability/Failover


We closely monitor server, software, and database performance.  As your needs increase (or decrease), we automatically and transparently scale to accommodate your needs.  There is no need for associated costs of an IT team to deliberate, plan, and deploy new systems or maintain fail-over systems on your end.  From your perspective, it just happens – very transparently.


Convenience/Disaster Recovery


Users can securely access Microsoft Dynamics GP online from almost any device with a web browser, and from any location with Internet access – including over slow connections.  They simply enter the (SSL 256 bit encryption) secured server URL, and then login to Microsoft Dynamics GP online.


In a convenience scenario, many organizations can save costs, boost user productivity, and improve morale and employee retention by allowing users to securely work from home rather than waste productive time in traffic commuting to and from a central office (daily or during periods of inclement weather), or waste time commuting to and from lunch breaks.


In a disaster recovery scenario, your organization can continue operating from anywhere with no special prerequisites (such as new device configuration or software installation) impeding the resumption of processing transactions or generating reports.  In a technical scenario, there is no need to spend budget or IT effort to implement or maintain a virtual private network (VPN) or remote desktop server equipment, licenses, training, upgrades, or infrastructure.


The systems disaster recovery plan is simplified to: “Provide users with Internet access”.


Cost: Security


Dynamics GP online exists 100% within Microsoft Azure datacenters.   Click to take a virtual tour for yourself.  Equivalent on-premise security would be cost prohibitive for most SME organizations.  Dynamics GP online provides for the highest possible system and data security for just pennies on the dollar.

If we try hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP online, but then decide we would rather bring all systems in-house and on-premise, is that possible?

Yes!  Some organizations, such as startups (for example), may decide to launch with an online solution and are then acquired by another company which adheres to the old fashioned policy of maintaining systems on-premise.  We can migrate your system to an on-premise environment relatively quickly, if that should ever become a requirement.

How experienced and qualified is the MSPartnership team?

Our team boasts an average of 10+ years of Dynamics GP consulting experience combined with Microsoft, AICPA, and other relevant certifications.  All are seasoned, knowledgeable veterans with none having less than 7 years of Microsoft Dynamics GP specific experience in the areas of implementation, training, support, or development.