What is Dynamics GP Azure?

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is Microsoft’s cloud computing initiative which started in 1989.  Microsoft Azure is one of the most powerful cloud computing platforms in the world serving over 20 million businesses across over 90 countries. It offers integrated services including virtual machines, analytics, identity, messaging, media and mobile services, cloud services, computing, mobile, web, networking, storage, and database platforms.


The system is comprised of over a million enterprise-class servers located in environmentally sustainable Microsoft data centers all over the world with multiple critical redundancies built into the design of Microsoft Azure ensuring 24/7/365 availability.


Microsoft Azure allows organizations to focus on their core competencies rather than design, procure, manage, and maintain what might otherwise be a very complex and expensive network infrastructure and computing platform themselves with all the requisite expenses of top IT talent to support it all.


Microsoft Azure is critical to our success as a premier low-cost provider of hosted Dynamics GP.

Cloud Services Datacenter Tour

Microsoft built its first datacenter in 1989. See how Microsoft’s $15+ billion investment in building highly scalable, reliable, secure, efficient, and globally-distributed datacenters and networks can benefit your business today.

What Value Do We Add To Microsoft Azure?

MSPartnership harnesses the power, security, and talent of Microsoft Azure to maintain the enterprise-class data center facilities and physical servers hosting the virtual servers we configure and deploy when providing our services to our customers.  As a SPLA (hosting provider) licensed Microsoft Partner, we provide Microsoft Dynamics GP and other Microsoft and integrating 3rd party software as a conveniently bundled, budget-friendly subscription + platform to our customers.


Of course, customers most want to know:  How much does hosted Dynamics GP licensing cost?  After confirming our affordable pricing, we distill all the complexities down to a single simple decision for prospective customers:  How many users would you like to access Dynamics GP in the Cloud?

Why Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure offers a number of key benefits to organizations of all sizes. In addition to decreasing costs, reducing the need for physical space on premise and freeing up IT resources, here are just a few of the many reasons why Microsoft Azure is the best platform for your business:

dynamics gp azure

  • Reduces costs. Less effort, expense, and staff required to design, procure, implement, maintain, and support data center facilities or on premise physical servers translates into significant cost savings that improve the bottom line and increase price competitiveness.
  • Scales quickly and easily. Almost every responsive business model or modern system demands the ability to scale in response to customer demand. Microsoft Azure provides the flexibility and capability to scale your ERP system up or down almost instantly.
  • Keeps data safe and secure. Microsoft is committed to protecting data and maintaining high levels of privacy. Azure features a compliance framework specifically designed to meet regulatory requirements and ensure your data is protected. Backups, failovers, recoveries, etc. are all automated and seamlessly happen in the background without users ever being aware if and when those activities are occurring.

We make cloud-based Dynamics GP online pricing affordable to startups and established SMEs all across North America.

Do you have more questions about Microsoft Azure or care to take a tour of the data center facilities? Click here to take the virtual tour,