With intelligent business applications across CRM and ERP, there is a Microsoft business solution that is right for your business. Start with just what you need to run your business and add fully supported, integrated Microsoft branded applications as your needs evolve.


Office 365, Power BI, and other mobile productivity software empower your people with predictive analytics and digital intelligence.


eOne develops “no code” software solutions for mid-market enterprises which enables them to fit their business systems to their specific business requirement.

Migrate, integrate, and automate anything without any code.
Create custom windows and screens without any code.
View data within Dynamics GP from any data source(s).
Recode and automate GL distributions.
The best way to create SmartLists.
Create custom integration nodes without code.
Schedule transactions to post, whenever.


Nodus Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of electronic payment, e-commerce and business process automation software for small and mid-size companies for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Known for superior integration and flexibility of solutions, Nodus enables businesses to integrate Electronic Payment Processing, E-Commerce, Online Bill Pay, Point-of-Sale, CRM and Web-Based Sale Order Entry with multiple banks, processors and back office environments.

Credit Card Advantage
Credit card and ACH payment processing
Credit Card Encryption
This software seamlessly integrates with Credit Card Advantage and Microsoft Dynamics GP to provide on the fly credit card encryption with a full audit trail. Credit Card Encryption comes with a quarterly network security scanning to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standard requirements. It is the only PCI compliance solution for the Microsoft Dynamics GP market today.
CRM Charge
Process credit cards and enter electronic transactions directly from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have those payments verified in real-time.
eStore Solution Stack
A fully featured e-commerce webstore, electronic payment processing engine, and powerful integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
ePay Advantage
Online bill pay technology with the convenience of online billing and payment collection. Allows customers to view their open invoices and pay them with a credit card or an electronic check.
eSOP™ Advantage
Provides a quick way of taking orders over the Internet eliminating the physical and time boundaries for entering sale orders into Dynamics GP. In addition, one can take electronic payments along with sales orders in real time making it perfect for applications where payments are required at the time of ordering.
eStore Advantage
Connects Web Stores (WooCommerce, et al) directly to Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Transact Advantage
Electronic payment processing solution that combines transaction management and processing support in one complete package.


Dynamics CRM-integrated email marketing, web intelligence, lead scoring, campaign automation, nurture marketing, social discovery, form capture, surveys and more. ClickDimensions allows organizations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to discover who is interested in their products, quantify their level of interest and take the appropriate actions.

Founded in 1997, xRM was first to host Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  As our CRM hosting partner, xRM also believes in deploying the right customer relationship management system for your organization. Education is the most important element of the implementation process and ongoing support.  The extensive xRM video library provides near-comprehensive on-demand assistance with understanding Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Doing business with MSPartnership and xRM is as simple as it gets.  Together, we can support large, complicated projects for large, complicated companies, or very small Dynamics projects for very small companies – and everything in between.  No matter what type of project your organization will undertake, if it involves Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or CRM integrated with Dynamics GP, our teams can get it done right.

Binary Stream

Robust solutions providing comprehensive industry and enterprise-grade ERP functionality to extend the functionality of hosted Dynamics GP.

Multi-Entity Management
Scalable and powerful solution to streamline processes across your multi-entity organization. Achieve significant productivity gains and lower total cost of ownership.
Property Management
End-to-end property management in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Integrate complex property lease details with sophisticated billing and accounting functionality.
Investment Management
Manage equity investments, fixed income investments and investment funds, all from within Dynamics GP. Improve visibility into your investment activity and get an accurate view of your investment portfolio’s performance in real-time.
Loans Management
Streamline loan processes to quickly and accurately administer and track your loans, all from within Microsoft Dynamics GP. Gain in-depth control and flexibility of the full loan cycle.
Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates
Take full advantage of contract pricing and rebates with vendors. Increase your profit margin by ensuring you always get the lowest price.
Healthcare Materials Management
Supply Chain Management for Healthcare Organizations.
Sales Document Consolidation
Merge/consolidate multiple sales documents such as invoices, by user defined criteria. Instead of sending ten invoices to the same customer each day, week or month, you can merge these invoices into one.

Subscription Billing
Automates and manages cyclical and subscription-based billings by generating invoices, quotes or orders in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Professional Advantage

Collections Management
Improve cash flow, diminish collection time, and reduce bad debt.


Use blank check stock for unparalleled flexibility. Build payments from multiple checkbooks, with checks formatted exactly as you need them on the paper size you choose. Add control over which checks are signed and by whom, based on the dollar amount you specify with secure approval workflow.


Track, audit, and authorize all changes to your data.
Omni Price
Manage nearly every pricing situation you can think of, and a bunch you haven’t.


WilloWare Inc. is a firm dedicated to helping businesses achieve a positive Return On Investment by providing unique products that help users be more efficient, and by partnering to create client specific enhancements that streamline business activities.


Commission Plan
The ‘Gold Standard’ in automated commission management systems.


Inventory Tracking & WMS
Core Inventory Functionality to Advanced WMS
Fixed Asset Tracking
Automatic data capture/barcodes for fixed assets.
Field Sales
Capture sales transactions and record job & project inventory usage at the point of activity.
Mobile hardware
Integrated barcode scanners on the Windows Mobile platform.


Since 1994, we have been assisting small and mid-sized companies to automate and integrate key areas of business, including all areas of manufacturing, operations, field service, and accounting. Field-tested professionals who have the expertise needed to get you over the hurdles of organizational change and get the most out of your investment in Dynamics GP.