Dynamics GP upgrade screenshot

Upgrade to Integrated Dynamics GP BI

Cloud-based Dynamics GP (formerly “Great Plains” ERP) provides businesses with valuable reporting tools to gain the real-time actionable insight required to manage your business effectively. With Dynamics GP, financial and operational reporting capabilities are enterprise-class technologies priced for a SME budget.

Smarter Financial Management

Dynamics GP offers both standard and customizable reports for financial, operational, compliance, routine, and in-depth financial analyses. It offers useful and flexible integrated financial management tools which increase leadership productivity, enhance awareness, and streamlines your decision processes. Your business will operate more efficiently and respond to challenges and opportunities quickly; and your teams will be more productive and collaborative in the Cloud.  Hosted Dynamics GP pricing is all-inclusive.

Key features of Microsoft Dynamics GP financial management tools:

  • Access key business metrics in the Executive Center.

    Cloud-based Dynamics GP delivers standard business metrics that allow decision makers and managers to easily determine the real-time financial health of the organization. These real-time KPIs and business alerts can proactively warn people when specified metrics reach a certain point above or below a target value, then automatically generate messages within the user interface for other users or send emails to non-users anywhere within your organization.

  • Increase insight with built-in customizable and refreshable Microsoft Office 365 reports.

    Dynamics GP has hundreds of Microsoft Office 365 reports and templates out of the box that give you access to real-time data.

  • Easily create and manage budgets.

    With integrated Excel-based budgeting, users can build unlimited budgets that incorporate market conditions and specific business objectives. When the business environment changes, Microsoft Forecaster allows you to adjust forecasts and budgets so that managers can respond effectively.

  • Dynamics GP Risk Management.

    Store and safeguard historical compliance and transaction information. Track and report on any changes to data fields, tables, and document approval of changes. Set and manage security restrictions on any data fields, windows, and forms.

  • Simplified multi-national/international operations.

    Dynamics GP allows you to easily work with multiple currencies, locations, customers, and vendors all around the world.

Smarter Business Intelligence

Master your business with Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly “Great Plains” ERP). Hosted Dynamics GP offers a range of valuable business intelligence tools that provide deep insight into your customers, suppliers and how your business is operating day-to-day. Omnipresent integrated business intelligence capabilities provide you with the opportunity to identify what is working and what isn’t; and it allows you to make more informed, better business decisions. Adapt your strategy to changes and challenges in your business or industry environment in real-time and uncover relationships between data that will help you predict future trends. The low cost of hosted Dynamics GP makes it an easy and smart decision to implement it today.

Key features of Dynamics GP business intelligence tools:

  • Extensive reporting and analysis of large amounts of data
  • Standard and customizable dashboards and graphs
  • Hundreds of built-in Microsoft Excel reports and Microsoft Word templates
  • All-in-one document viewer
  • Familiarity of Windows and Microsoft applications means your teams can effectively use Dynamics GP and collectively benefit from its features